Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Picks for Week of Feb 21st

Music picks for Week of Feb 21st:

Monday, February 21, 2011:

The Morning on Fire – Deep South (Indie Rock)
If you like Arcade Fire, you will love this group out of the Hartford area. These guys sound very similar to the Award-winning Canadian Sensation… Check out their sound Constantly – It’s an excellent example of their smooth instrumentals and the crisp acoustics that tie the sound together… Catch them on their way through Raleigh while on National tour…
** 10pm Show, Free **

Tuesday, Feb 22:

Wade Bowen – Berkeley Cafe (roots/country)
Wade Bowen walks the tightrope between contemporary country and the Old Style Texas Hill Country style of country music… What is produced is something that sounds at little of both – but also with an acoustic roots rock feel to it… Bottle into Gold & Walking along the Fenceline are excellent examples of this fusion. Wade has a great voice that has power and yet is gentle when need be – and his supporting cast of musicians complement the sound very, very well… For those of you in need of a good country fix, this is the perfect choice for you.
** 8pm Show, $15 cover**

Futurebirds w/ Filthybird – Kings Barcade (Indie/Psychedelic)
Athens, GA based Futurebirds have a very unique sound that crosses lines of country, indie, surfer rock, experimental w/psychedelic flavorings. This conglomeration grows on you – quickly and you realize that this sounds works – very well. Their sounds are catchy and the vocal styles just make you want to sing along. Songs like Dirty D, MJB & Battle for Rome are excellent examples of their collective of sounds and how it works so well.. This has proven very successful for them as they have had successful Nationwide tours with fellow Athens natives Dead Confederate. Come check out the show, you will not be disappointed and will have a chance to catch some cutting edge music. Local faves, Filthybird will be opening the show with their own indie stylings… This will be a great show…
**9:30pm Show $9 Cover

Archnemesis w/ Kraddy – Lincoln Theatre (Electronica)
Oh my god! That was my first reaction – this is HUGE to be hosting one of the heavyweights in this genre – they are on par with Pretty Lights and will bombard your senses with Hi-energy Lights, Sound and vibe that will be second to none… They are in the middle of a National tour and Raleigh is certainly fortunate to catch them on their way to SXSW… Rest up and be ready to dance till you drop as if this doesn’t get you moving, I don’t know what will… Kraddy, Love Light and others opening. Expect a 10:30-11 start for Archnemesis
**Show 8:30 cover $15

Wednesday 2/23

That 1 Guy & Duende Mountain Duo – Lincoln Theatre (Experimental/Drums and Bass/Hip Hop)
One of the most unique musical experiences that you will see, That 1 Guy has devised his own sound (and instrument) The sound is very entertaining and comes out as a drums & bass/ beat vocals hybrid… A simple listen to Buttmachine or One will prove my point – this stuff is off the charts and he is on a international tour so catch him when you can… Raleigh is getting more than it’s fair share of music this week! As a great opener, Duende Mountain Duo – North Carolina based band who has the sound and the energy of Jam band of International acclaim – Particle….
This is going to be a great night of music and I would certainly recommend that this is not a show to be missed…
**8:30pm Show $15 cover

Thursday 2/24

The Pietasters – Cats Cradle (ska/soul)
Anyone who went to college in the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast should know these guys as they have been a fixture of the college music scene for the better part of two decades in one form or another. Very few bands play this Funk/Soul/Ska and they fill a void left behind by the likes of Fighting Gravity & The Mighty Mighty Bosstones…. Get ready for a rollicking good time – lots of music, the powerful horns and dancing!! Rest up!
There is a hefty line up with Archbishops of Blount St, Petrovic Blasting Company & Brian Hill opening up the festivities as this is the Triangle Ska Fest – impromptu style… You can expect an 11pm start for the Pietasters…
**8:30pm Show $14 Cover!/archbishopsofblountstreet

Perpetual Groove - Lincoln Theatre (Indie/Jam)
Athens based Indie Jam that has evolved over the years from a strictly jam band into a rock/jam band with some great psychedelic undertones… Simply a great sound blending elements of traditional instrumentation, electronic sounds and some damn fine vocals. These guys are a local version of genre stalwarts Widespread Panic & Lotus. If you are a long time or a new fan (or about to become a fan) it is simply amazing on their musical transition over the years – the way cool thing about this transition, is they have retained elements of their psychedelic/electronica/jam background and have incorporated it into their Indy sound with the result a true winner for the region and even on their limited national tours… This promises to be a great night of music and jamming…
** 8pm Show - $18 Cover

Friday 2/18

The Moderate – Pourhouse (Indie/Folk)
Washington DC based Indie Rockers with a folk/mex flair, catch them while they headline the 3rd Annual Benefit for the Tisch Brain Tumor Center. These guys have a decent following here and seem to be able to get down to the area every month or two… Great sound – with crisp instrumentals laying a solid foundation for the indie/progressive vocals… Certainly worth a listen as this sets up nicely for a great night of music for a worthy cause…. David Tichener and Whembly open the show – expect a 10:30 start for the headliners…
**9pm Show – $10 Cover

Acoustic Manner – Woodys @ City Market (Bluegrass)
Local Bluegrass band led by one of the best (and youngest) banjo players in the state. These guys have been all over the Triangle scene for the better part of 2yrs. Prior to that, some of them were in the Barefoot Manner which had a great Yonder Mountain String Band feel to it… Solid bluegrass and catchy tunes – this should give you a great little bluegrass fix if you are so inclined.
** 10pm Show TBA Cover!/event.php?eid=153197591403812

Saturday, 2/19

Steep Canyon Rangers – Lincoln Theatre (Bluegrass)
Quite Simply the best, (and best known) bluegrass band in North Carolina, this Brevard/Asheville band (who got their start in Chapel Hill) have been tearing up the scene for 10 years now. Along the way they have been collecting numerous accolades including Bluegrass Album of the Year and Emerging Artist Awards…. This current tour takes them on their way up to New York where they will appear on Late Night with David Letterman along with one of their long-time collaborators, Steve Martin (yes, THAT Steve Martin)….
These guys have a great sound – and the harmonization is second to none in the genre…. Between Woody’s guitar/vocals, Mike on vocals/mandolin, Graham on bass vocals/banjo and Nicky – one of the best fiddlers in the business – this band, while 10 yrs old, is just getting started…. If you have any interest in Bluegrass, this is the band to see – it is not to be missed!
**9pm show $12 cover

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music Picks for Week of Feb 14

Tuesday, Feb 15:

The Love Hangover – Kings Barcade (variety)
The latest installment of local musicians pairing up to perform songs that will mend broken hearts and break whole hearts – will happen at Kings on Tuesday. Scattered at 5 locations around the Eastern Half of the US, what started as a simple performance has now become and annual tradition and seems to grow as the years go by. Now in its 12th year, this edition features 10 musicians from 9 different bands. Expect a mixed bag of songs for this evening jam session – it’s a nice relaxing “let your guard down” evening of music… A “love hangover”…
** 9pm Show, $8 cover

Natalia Zukerman & Garrison Starr – Berkeley Café (Roots/Folk)
Brooklyn based Natalia Zukerman has a voice and sound more associated with Delta Blues than Big City Blues. Her smooth vocals draw strong comparisons to Bonnie Raitt and Amy Winehouse – quite a compliment. Her sound is genuine and it’s remarkable that a city girl can capture the tone and feeling of country blues within the confines of the 5 boroughs… She is also a very talented guitarist and has numerous accolades for her blues/folk/country abilities utilizing a picking and slide style that singularly is hard to master… This is truly a treat to catch her on this national tour….

Los Angeles based Garrison Starr began her career in and around the Memphis area – and that bluesy/rock has stayed with her – as she has added a contemporary flair to her sound that give the root/blue/folk sound a neu-indie edge to it. Check out “40 Days” for a sample of her unique sounds – and the vocals that can be compared to Sharon Van Etten…. Garrison brings and energy and a style to the stage that really rounds out the music experience. If you like the “Indigo Girls” – you most certainly will not be disappointed…
**8pm Show $12 Cover

Wednesday 2/16

Lubriphonic – Pourhouse (Funk/Blues)

Chicago based Lubriphonic ranks right up there with New Orleans greats Karl Dennison’s Tiny Universe, Greyboy Allstars or Dumpstafunk. In fact, they have played with all of them and more over the years… What more can you say – horn infused blues/funk with an electro pop edge… It doesn’t get much better than this. It’s been a while since these guys have been in town and they have been quite busy, touring the world and putting out a new album that features none other than Ivan Neville….
This is truly a great night of music and a rare treat for us here in Raleigh to really experience some of the best blues/funk on the scene right now…
**10pm Show $8 cover

Thursday 2/17

Seven Nations – Berkeley Café (Celtic/Folk)

If you are a fan of Scythian, Enter the Haggis or The Battleground Band, This Orlando based band will most certainly impress you. Their blend of Celtic and folk/rock ties all the best of the genres together. With a mellow vocal approach that is reminiscent of The Tragically Hip, Seven Nations brings a pop edge to a timeless classic style of music. Raleigh is fortunate to catch a show while these guys are on an Eastern Seaboard tour. This is a great night to listen to some great Celtic music with a contemporary and upbeat flair… It will truly be an interesting night of music and dancing.
**8pm Show $15 Cover

I was Totally Destroying It & The Baker Family (Acoustic / Indie)

We are in for a treat! Local Indie Rockers – I was Totally Destroying It will play an acoustic set – which is a rare treat given their masterful instrumental talents. There is no telling what we will get – but it will most certainly be great! Anyone who has seen them in U2 cover mode or at a prior acoustic set will most certainly be there… The Baker Family balances out the sound with their mellow indie sound that oscillates from Postal Service to Yonder Mtn String Band (albeit with a Texas Hillcountry Flair)….. Able to balance the indie rock sounds of percussion and guitars with the Roots/Country sounds of Steel Guitar, Banjo and Fiddle is proof positive of their range and talent. I am thoroughly impressed with their sound and am most certainly looking forward to their show.
** 9pm Show - $5 Cover

Friday 2/18

Peter Lamb & The Wolves – North Carolina Museum of Art (Jazz)
Local favorites Peter Lamb and Co. come out to jam on a Friday evening. For those of you missing traditional Lounge Jazz, this is the perfect opportunity to get your fix… Fresh off their new album and their awesome performance on NPR’s “State of Things” these guys are ready to play some great music.
** 6pm show - Free

Soul Psychedelique – Amras (Jazz Neo-soul)
At first glance, this band might not be taken seriously – but I strongly suggest a 2nd glance – no, a hard look and listen…. This Raleigh based band is a powerhouse – and most certainly under the radar… Johanna Boberg is a star with a top notch voice… A former teen star who has toured the world with the best of the best, she now makes her home here in the Raleigh area and gives us the opportunity with neu-wave soul/blues/trip hop lounge style – which is pulled off on the back of her amazing vocal talents. Their sound is truly unique for this area – as the sound is a contemporary Seal or Stephane Pompougnac with lots of clubby electro pop within... Catch them for a couple of sets this Friday and be amazed…
**10pm Show – N/A Cover

Punch Brothers – Lincoln Theatre (Bluegrass)
Royalty of the Bluegrass world, the Punch Brothers are truly some of the best in the business. They have toured the world over with some of the best in the industry – regardless of genre. True musicians and entertainers, this promises to be one hell of night of music – despite the pricey cover… The Punch Brothers are to Tennessee what Steep Canyon Rangers are to Western Carolina. If you a Bluegrass itch to scratch, this will most certainly do the trick….
** 8:30pm Show $24 Cover

Thank You – Berkeley Café (Punk/Indie)
What week would not be complete without a little Punk? This Baltimore band is not to disappoint… Lots of driving punk, but also some Neu-Punk/Indie stuff that keeps you off-balance and allows you to catch your breath. This will be an interesting and entertaining evening from this talented group. Oulipo and Fifty Bird Step open the show.
**9pm Show TBA Cover

Saturday, 2/19

Old Habits – Kings (Folk)
Local Folk Favorites, Old Habits will grace the stage at Kings for a night of excellent music. The Thompson brothers (believe that was the name of their original band) possess an excellent level of talent and chemistry and this carries to their sound and stage presence. This is a highly recommended show for anyone who enjoys a folksy Wilco or Avett Brothers…. These guys are some of the best we have in the area region for folk sounds… Be sure to check out their songs Fried Green Tomatoes or The Creek.. The Clay Pigeons will open the evening.

**10 show $6 cover
The Mercators – Deep South The Bar (Garage/Roots Rock)
Local boys making good, the Mercators keep it real and bring an easy-going garage rock sound with a folksy bent…. Great listening and perfect for starting the night or making it your night… Roberto, Lee, Eric and the boys will entertain you… This is a cross between The Backsliders and the Avett Bros. The Separate and Pink Flag will also be on the bill.
9pm show - $5 cover

Sunday, 2/20

The Movement – Lincoln Theatre (Reggae)
The perfect band to get your Reggae fix. Mixing original songs with covers, this band is a party band and top notch time to be jamming… Again, one of the better Reggae bands in the business and perfect time to scratch that itch… Expect a large crowd as this band is immensely popular with the college crowd…
Shinobi Ninja will open the evening….
** 8pm Show $10 Cover

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music Picks - Week of February 7th

Whew!! The last month has been a whirlwind of travelling and work.... 2 Trips to the West Coast, 3 Trips to NYC and Philly, and 2 Trips each to DC and Myrtle makes for about 15,000 Airline Miles and 4,000 Car Miles = no time...

I'm back and bette than ever and we have got some great stuff on tap this week. Check out the below and get out to some shows!

Thursday, Feb 10:
The Morning After - Feat Hank Smith & Racheal Koontz - Hibernian (Bluegrass)
The Civil Wars - Pourhouse (Roots/Acoustic) **SOLD OUT** - may be a few tix left at door.
Diggup Tapes - Feat. Whatever Brains, Birds of Avalon & Arbor Mist - Kings Barcade(new wave/experimental)
Bumble feat DJ Thien - The Hive @ Busy Bee (electronica)
Johnny Swank - Black Flower (Rock)

Friday, Feb 11:
Diggup Tapes - Feat. Lonnie Walker, Embarassing Fruits & Fat Camp - Kings Barcade(new wave/experimental)
Static Minds - Dive Bar (Rock)
The Moaners & North Elementary - Slims (Indie)

Saturday, Feb 12:
Rebel Son w/ David Allen Coe - Lincoln Theatre (Country Rock)
Jeanne Jolly & David Dyer - Deep South (Roots/Americana)

Sunday, Feb 13:
Veelee & Motor Skilz - Kings Barcade (Indie)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Picks for Week of Jan 10th

This week has a slow start - so I guess the impending winter storm is perfect for minimizing cancelations... We have a great selection of music this week from Wednesday onward... Check out the below and get out to some great shows this week!

Wednesday, Jan 12:
**HOT** Walkmen & Lower Dens - Cats Cradle (Indie/Exper)
The Obits 7 Gentlemen Jesse - Kings Barcade (Indie)

Thursday, Jan 13:
Big Daddy Love - Pourhouse (Folk/Rock)
**Hot** Abigail Washburn & Mandolin Orange - Berkeley Cafe (Roots/Folk/Acoustic)
Bumble / Feat DJ Thien - Busy Bee - (Electronica)

Friday, Jan 14:
Yo Mamma's Big Phat Booty Band - Pourhouse (Funk)
The Ethnographers - The Brewery (Indie)
Leaving Venus, KinGator & Bubonik Funk - Deep South (Indie/Funk/Punk)

Saturday, Jan 15:
Dex Romweber & The Ettes - Pourhouse (Indie/Americana)
Doco - Berkeley Cafe (Reggae)
River City Ransom - Deep South (Rock)

Sunday, Jan 16:
The Mercators! - Pourhouse (Rock)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Music Picks for Week of Jan 3

Happy New Year Everyone!

2010 was a great year for Raleigh Music! We saw the reopening of Kings as well as a couple of other venues. 2011 will most certainly be bigger and better yet!
Please see picks of the week below - the beginning of the week was a bit slow but we have some solid shows on tap for this week. Please see below and check back often for individual day postings. Get out there and support live local music!

Wednesday, 5 Jan:

Buckshot & Bluegrass - Feat. THE HOTWIRES - Pourhouse (Bluegrass)
All Star Blues Jam Feat. Josh Presler Band - Buku (Blues)

Thursday, 6 Jan:

Whitey Morgan & The 78's w/ Big Baddy Love - Pourhouse (Country/Folk)
F.O. Finch Quartet - The Mint (Jazz)
Bumble - Busy Bee (Electronica)

Friday, 7 Jan:

Organos, Josh Carpenter & Soft Company - Kings (Indie)

Saturday, 8 Jan:

Amy Echstenkemper - Deep South (Acoustic/Folk)
Honor By August - Pourhouse (Indie)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Music Picks for Week of December 27th

Hey All,

With the Holidays upon us, I'm doing the picks for Christmas Week a bit early - check out the below picks and check back for individual listings with more info on the bands and links as they become available.
Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

Monday, Dec 27:

Bluegrass Jam - Busy Bee (Bluegrass)

Tuesday, Dec 28:

Viswas Chitnis - Buku (world)

Wednesday, Dec 29:

All Star Blues Jam - Buku (Blues)

Thursday, Dec 30:

Ill Street Holiday Reunion - Berkeley Cafe (electronica)
Bumble - The Hive @ Busy Bee (electronica)
Craig Thompson Trio - Hibernian (Roots/Folk)

Friday, Dec 31:

Yarn, Possum Jenkins - Berkeley Cafe (Americana, Folk)
Hank Sinatra, Balsa Gliders & Debonzo Brothers - Deep South (Indy/Folk/Rock)
The Mantras - Pourhouse (Rock)
Atomic Rhythm All-Stars - Progress Energy Centre (Nc Symphony NYE) (Jazz)

Saturday, Jan 1:

This Year's Models - Kings (Big Band)
Mantras - Part Deux - Feat KinGator - Pourhouse (Rock/Indy)

Sunday, Jan 2:

Bernie Lamb Blues Jam - Bonedaddys (Blues)
Acoustic Jam - Deep South (Various)

Music Picks for Week of 20 December

Hey All,

After a long hiatus - with no good explanation for it - other than Holidays and Work and Travel - I'm back and posting some tasty shows for you all to enjoy in the days leading up to Christmas....

We have a bit of a lull this week but there are some excellent shows scattered around this week...

Get out there - finish your Holiday Chores and ENJOY!

Wednesday - Dec 22:

Dune Dogs Holiday Extravaganza - Southland Ballroom (Folk/Roots/Southern Rock)

Sometimez Why CD Release Party - Pourhouse (Funk/Roots/Folk)

The Groovemen - Blu Bar - (Jazz)

Thursday - Dec 23:

**Hot** New King Rippers - Hibernian Raleigh (Dixieland Jazz)

Mama's Love - Pourhouse (Rock/Funk)

Saturday - Dec 25:

Terry Anderson's Olympic Ass Kickin Team - Pourhouse (Alt/Pop Rock)

Santaconda Dingle Jingle - Kings ( Variety)

Sunday - Dec 26th

Bernie Lamb / Ron Ross - Bonedaddys (Blues)

The Poonhounds & The Ts - Pourhouse (Alt Rock)